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TMA’s Be Wise – Immunize Promotes Vaccinations

By Jason Terk, MD, Keller, Chair, TMA Council on Legislation


Measles in Texas: What You Should Know

By: Robyn Correll Carlyle, MPH, Public Health Consultant


Measles appears to be making something of a comeback. There have been at least eight cases of the virus so far this year in Texas — nearly matching the nine cases total confirmed in all of last year, and a far cry from the one reported case in 2017.  


"HPV Took the Lives of Two Women in My Life"

By: Ann Treleven, Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator, Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant County, US Army Nurse, Retired


Top HPV Vaccine Myths

By: Alyssa Clader, Development/Business Manager, ICTC


Founding Member of ICTC Continues to Support Immunization Efforts

By: Courtney Barnard, ICTC Member-at-Large, Program Manager, Community Health, The Center for Children's Health led by Cook Children's

I Got the Flu Vaccine Because...

By: Dr. Diane Arnaout, MD, Cook Children's Physician Network

Instagram: @drdianearnaout


I got the flu vaccine.

I got it because it doesn't really matter how early or how late in the season you get it - you just get it.

I got the flu vaccine. And it might not stop me from getting the flu. It didn't last year.  And that’s okay.

I got the flu vaccine because while I may still catch it, it will reduce my chance for severe disease.