Welcome to our new website!

If you have been on our website in the past, you might notice that things look a little different these days. Thanks to PrimeSite Web Solutions, we have a new and improved layout and design for ICTC’s website! Hopefully, you will find this site more streamlined and easier to find information. We are always looking to improve, so if there is something you can’t find or something you think needs to be added, please let us know! You can use the Contact page or send an email to contact@ictchome.org.

54 days until our first August event!


Alyssa Clader

Social Media Coordinator, ICTC

One thought on “Welcome to our new website!

  1. Anita Colbert

    I just took the time to look at the entire layout of the web site. I am very inpressed, great resource information and nicely put togeather. WELL DONE!

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