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Review of Take a Shot! North Texas HPV Forum

Review of Take a Shot! North Texas HPV Forum

By: Charlotte Mangrum, LVN, Campus Nurse, Child Care Associates


The HPV Forum was well presented and very informative.  The presented information was invaluable to me as a nurse.  I had no idea there was a vaccine that could prevent six cancers!  It was good to listen to doctors present how they worked at making HPV Vaccine and awareness available to the people they serve.   Every person needs to view “Someone You Love” Documentary.  The movie was life changing to me in seeing how cancer can affect every social class and any age.  It was real – not all of the five cancer victims were survivors.  The cancer had its effect on marriages.  The movie caused me to start asking questions to loved ones that fall within the right ages to receive the vaccination.


To view "Someone You Love" for FREE in Texas and 17 other states, visit 

The North Texas HPV Forum was presented by the American Cancer Society North Texas. Visit them at