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Flu Vaccine Information

What you should know about Flu Vaccine

Why Get A Flu Vaccine?

HPV Vaccine Information

Why does my child need HPV vaccine?

Vaccine Requirements

In order to attend public school in Texas, your child is required to obtain certain vaccines and have them documented on their shot record. Although not all vaccines are required by the state of Texas, all vaccines are HIGHLY recommended.

Requirements for Schools

2016-2017 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Schools

Requirements for Childcare Facilities

2016-2017 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Childcare Facilities

Recommended for all Persons 0-18 years

Vaccine Recommendations for all persons 0-18 years

Vaccine Locations

There are several ways to obtain vaccines in Tarrant County. Besides ICTC’s low-cost vaccine events held in August, there are community clinics located throughout the county that offer all required and recommended vaccines.

Tarrant County Public Health

Tarrant County Immunization Registry Information:  817-413-6312

Cook Children’s Community Clinics

JPS School-Based Health Centers

or you may call 2-1-1.


Vaccine Information

Need more information on what diseases vaccines protect against, vaccine safety, side effects, or just vaccines in general? Below is a list of reputable and accurate vaccine information sites.

Texas Medical Association:  Immunizations

Talking about Vaccines with Dr Paul Offit: The Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is answering parents’ most important questions directly with its new online video series.

Voices for Vaccines: Parents Speaking Up About Vaccines

“Clear Answers & Smart Advice About Your Baby’s Shots” by Ari Brown, M.D.

Cook Children’s Vaccine Information Center

CDC Vaccines Information: Schedules and Answers to Questions

100 Myth-Busting Vaccination Sites

Texas Medical Association Vaccine Information Sheets: (English and Spanish PDF)
The Facts about Childhood Vaccinations

The Facts about Adult Vaccinations

The Facts about Childcare Worker Vaccinations

The Facts about Flu

The Facts about HPV

The Facts about Whooping Cough

The Facts about Meningococcal Disease

Vaccinations for Adults Chart

Vaccine Media

Invisible Threat is a 40 minute documentary produced by CHSTV, a high school broadcasting department, that explores the science of disease and the risks facing a society that is under-vaccinated. To obtain a copy to borrow for your organization, please use the contact page or email us at


The Vaccinator Rap Song by Meningitis Angels. Teens need vaccines too; Please watch this video and share with your friends. Remember Friends don’t let friends go without vaccines.

Where do you go to get Low Cost Vaccines?
Look at Immunization Collaboration Events, contact Tarrant County Public Health or Call 2-1-1