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Measles in Texas: What You Should Know

By: Robyn Correll Carlyle, MPH, Public Health Consultant


Measles appears to be making something of a comeback. There have been at least eight cases of the virus so far this year in Texas — nearly matching the nine cases total confirmed in all of last year, and a far cry from the one reported case in 2017.  


"HPV Took the Lives of Two Women in My Life"

By: Ann Treleven, Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator, Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant County, US Army Nurse, Retired


Top HPV Vaccine Myths

By: Alyssa Clader, Development/Business Manager, ICTC


Founding Member of ICTC Continues to Support Immunization Efforts

By: Courtney Barnard, ICTC Member-at-Large, Program Manager, Community Health, The Center for Children's Health led by Cook Children's

I Got the Flu Vaccine Because...

By: Dr. Diane Arnaout, MD, Cook Children's Physician Network

Instagram: @drdianearnaout


I got the flu vaccine.

I got it because it doesn't really matter how early or how late in the season you get it - you just get it.

I got the flu vaccine. And it might not stop me from getting the flu. It didn't last year.  And that’s okay.

I got the flu vaccine because while I may still catch it, it will reduce my chance for severe disease.

Meet the ICTC Advocacy Chair- Elena Greer

By: Elena Greer, ICTC Advocacy Chair

I first became aware of the unfortunate fact that some people were avoiding vaccines when I was pregnant with my twins. There was a good chance they would be premature, and my doctor warned me how vulnerable they would be if they were exposed to whooping cough, which was just on the rise at the time. It’s often a deadly disease to babies, so we had to make sure that everyone who would come in contact with them was up-to-date.