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Spotlight on Vaccines: Pandemic May Open Gateway to Improve Vaccination Rates in Texas

The uneven rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in December created at least one bright spot for Texas physicians: It highlighted how the state could make vaccination more efficient.  

Problems arose quickly with the COVID-19 vaccines because there were too few doses to go around as well as technical problems with storage and distribution, says Jon Roth, executive vice president and CEO of the Dallas County Medical Society (DCMS). For instance, Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccine – the first one available – required ultra-cold storage and came in 975-dose lot sizes.

Measles Me This

By: Candace Brumfield. University of North Texas Health Science Center, School of Public Health, Master of Public Health Student


TMA’s Be Wise – Immunize Promotes Vaccinations

By Jason Terk, MD, Keller, Chair, TMA Council on Legislation


Measles in Texas: What You Should Know

By: Robyn Correll Carlyle, MPH, Public Health Consultant


Measles appears to be making something of a comeback. There have been at least eight cases of the virus so far this year in Texas — nearly matching the nine cases total confirmed in all of last year, and a far cry from the one reported case in 2017.  


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