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What We Do

What We Do

We hold low cost vaccine events during 23 days in August, including the North Texas Wellness Fair, Tarrant County Back to School Roundup, 6-Stones Campus West (Bedford), Family Life Gym (Arlington) and La Gran Plaza (Fort Worth). Immunizations are $8 per dose. CHIP & Medicaid are also accepted. Most events also provide low cost vaccines to adults, 19 years and older, who have no health insurance. These fees cover the costs to administer the vaccines. The vaccines are distributed to Tarrant County Public Health through the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

We work with Tarrant County Public Health Immunization Outreach and public school nurses to facilitate 111 on-site vaccine days for 3,000 6th graders and high school students, from January to May. These events help students meet the Texas vaccine requirements for 7th grade and college.

Our work includes ongoing efforts to assure that our community is aware of credible information supporting the importance and safety of vaccines for families. In addition to social and print media, we network with affiliated agencies to educate medical providers on ways to utilize each child contact as an opportunity to provide needed vaccines and also network projects to increase rates for the HPV cancer vaccine. We also advocate for better vaccine registries and promote CDC vaccine guidelines.

We’re helping a hand through Vaccination & Education

Over 7,000+ Vaccinations Per Year and more than 20,000 educated in Tarrant County.


Are you or your organization interested in joining the Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant County? Fill out this 2018 form. For more information, contact us.